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Michael Paynter

Vocalist + Guitarist

Michael Paynter has been a significant part of the Australian music industry landscape since first appearing in the clubs of Melbourne in 2005. He has been an international recording artist with Sony Music Worldwide, culminating in several top 20 singles and the multi-platinum Love The Fall [feat. The Veronicas] in 2010. He has recorded albums in Los Angeles + the UK + written + worked with the best of the best the world over. He has toured extensively in Australia + internationally, supporting artists such as The Script, Miley Cyrus + Seal on their stadium tours, as well as legends such as John Farnham + Hall + Oates.

After more than a decade of creation + achievement, his name has become synonymous with quality, consistency + passion. Michael is a proven + professional performer who is guaranteed to leave you delighted by bringing a class + reputation that very few others can.

Photo by Katie Harmsworth

Video Channel

Video Channel

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