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Brett Wood

Vocals + Guitars

Brett Wood is a first call session musician based in Melbourne, Australia, as well as a member of Pete Murray’s touring band and recorded work since 2007. Brett is a capable singer and songwriter in his own right.

From a young age and having only played the guitar for a year or so, Brett’s rare talent became known to Tommy Emmanuel. Who after learning about Brett’s playing ability would proceed to take him under his wing and allow him to come and perform at Tommy’s shows around Australia and also the USA. Tommy was very excited to introduce Brett to the legendary Chet Atkins to assure Chet that his legacy will infact continue for many generations, Tommy would proceed to share Brett’s talent with his audiences by inviting him to be a “guest artist” whenever he was playing in and around Melbourne. Which eventually spanned the rest of Australia and also the USA. Keen to introduce Brett to the legendary Chet Atkins to assure Chet that his legacy will infact continue for many generations, this happened in 1999 and was made possible thanks to generous sponsorship of Maton Guitars Australia.

Brett has toured Australia and the world with Tommy Emmanuel, Pete Murray, Electric Mary, Bonnie Anderson, Felicity Urquhart, Carter and Carter, Graeme Connors and many others. He has also been a constant in the session scene here in Melbourne at the beck and call for one off and random performances with many of Australia’s leading solo acts, Leo sayer, Vanessa Amerosi, Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan, James Blundell, James “jimmy” Couples, Jack Jones, and he’s even been included as special guest along with Keith Urban during a Tommy Emmauel Tour of the US.

Brett has accumulated an extensive TV appearance resume’ consisting of multiple dozens of appearances on “GMA with Bert Newton”, “Rove”, “Mornings with Kerri Anne”, “Today Show”, “The Big Night In w/John Foreman”, “The Singing Bee w/Joey Fatone”, “Australia’s Got Talent” and “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, “Dancing With The Stars”, multiple “Sunrise LIVE concerts”, and more recently appeared at the FIRE FIGHT AUSTRALIA concert with Pete Murray.

Released songs to hear Brett’s guitar work on are :

“Free” Pete Murray

“Always A Winner” Pete Murray

“If We Never Dance Again” Pete Murray

“Let You Go” Pete Murray

“Child” 360

“Run Alone“ 360

“Falling & Flying” 360

“Boys Like You” 360

“Perfect Day” Darryl Braithwaite

“Good People” Darryl Braithwaite

“Blackout - acoustic” Bonnie Anderson

Extensive recorded work contributions :

*Pete Murray - 3 albums Blue Sky Blue 2011 including the hit song “FREE”

2017 “Comacho” album

2021 “The Night” Ep including singles

Appears in the video for the current single “Burning Up” which also features Brett’s pop guitar sensibilities.

*360 (Aussie hip-hop) album “Falling & Flying” 2011 Aria winning album featured Brett’s guitar work on hits “Boys Like You”, “Child” and “Run Alone”.

*2013 ”Dumb Ways To Die” Melb trains and transit authority, features Brett in acoustic guitar. A song written by Ollie Mcgill of “Tin Pan Orange” which turned into viral hit.

*Electric Mary - Brett has been a member of this Melbourne independant rock act the past 10years, appearing on multiple European, Australian and UK tours and is creatively involved in arranging songs and producing guitar parts on multiple releases on-going.

2014 Album “The Last Great Hope”

2015 Single “My Best Friend”

2019 album “Mother”

2021 single “King Of Rocknroll”


*Bonnie Anderson - “Blackout” acoustic version, YouTube live performance of “Waves” cover.


*2014 Jason Singh (from TAXIRIDE) “Humannequin” Brett appears on every track of Jason’s solo album, which produced by the legendary Charles Fisher (1927, Savage Garden, Moving Pictures “What About Me”)

“Vale” by Jason Singh (Brett appears on “Let’s Dance” and “I Can’t Tell You Why”)


Furthermore, Brett has been employed as both a musician and cast member in three hit musical productions in Melbourne - “Shout”, “Rocky Horror” and “Dusty”. All of which were major features in Melbourne's music theatre scene playing at both the Melbourne Arts Centre and Comedy Theatre. 

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